Cash Gold Exchange strives to provide our customers with a secure and convenient experience. It is for this reason we created this FAQ page to answer common questions.

What Type Of Items Does Cash Gold Exchange Buy?

Cash Gold Exchange buys any item containing precious metal, such as gold (8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 21K, 22K, 24K), platinum or silver, or items containing gemstones. We also buy gold watches, bracelets, gold pins/brooches, class rings, cocktail rings, wedding bands, cluster rings, and many other items.

How Can I Tell If My Items Are Gold, Platinum, or Silver?

The easiest way to determine what type of precious metal you have is to look for an official seal revealing it. Any one of these markings indicates that your jewelry is precious:

  • For 10 karat gold – 10k, 10kt, 416
  • For 14 karat gold – 14k, 14kt, 585
  • For 18 karat gold – 18k, 18kt, 750
  • For silver – STERLING, 925, SILVER
  • For platinum – 950PT, Platinum, 950PT
  • 1/10 GF means that the item is gold filled and is not solid gold. We do not accept items which are filled or marked in this manner.
  • Vermeil refers to gold plating on sterling silver items and is valued as silver.

What type of items will NOT buy?

Cash Gold Exchange will NOT buy stolen items, non-precious metals, plastic, pearls, gold plated items, and gold filled items.

How Do I Know You Will Pay More Than Other Gold Buyers?

We are sure you will, and recommend you do, research gold buyers before selling your valuable items to see who is offering the highest prices.

We recommend you pick one of the items you are selling and call several gold buyers to get a price quote. When you call us, there is no need to tell us what the other buyers are offering, we know we will automatically beat their offers. Call 1 (323) 674-0202 and put us to the test.

Will You Really Better Any Offer?

Yes we will. Simply tell us about the items your offer was for, how much the offer was and who made the offer. In the unlikely event we have not already offered you more, we will quickly verify your offer and then beat it. Simple as that.