satisfaction-guaranteeYour Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

As a reputable cash for gold buyer our customer satisfaction guarantees are as simple as can be.

Firstly, we will better any legitimate offer you have from our competitors.  Call around and get the best prices you can, then call or visit us and see what we pay – it will be higher.

Secondly, if for any reason what-so-ever, you are not completely happy with your payout amount, let us know and we will send your items back completely free of any charges. Not only that, we will include a $20 gift certificate for you to use in any way you wish.

Your choice is simple if you want the highest payouts – either use the convenience of our cash for gold online services or come visit is in person at our Hollywood or Glendale locations.  Whichever method you chose, you are secure in the knowledge you will get first-class service, and be treated honestly and fairly.

We Make It Easy For You To Send Us Your Jewelry and Use Fully Insured FedEx Shipping

To Ensure Your Package Is Shipped Quickly and Safely

The Three Easy Step Process You Should Follow Right Now To

Conveniently Send Us Your Jewelry And Get Paid Quickly

Once you have completed the free gold pack request form, we will immediately send you a prepaid and addressed FedEx envelope so you can send us your items securely and insured.

Step 2

When you receive your gold pack you will place your items inside the jewelry bag, fill out the form, put them in the prepaid FedEx envelope and drop it off at your nearest FedEx.

Step 3

We receive your jewelry the following day, appraise your items and either send you check by FedEx overnight or pay you immediately via PayPal – whichever you chose.

Why You Must Choose Our Cash For Gold Services

There are many places where you can sell gold, so why should you choose Cash Gold Exchange over one of the many other companies with websites saying they have the best prices for your gold, jewelry, silver, platinum and diamonds?

Well, firstly, we take pride in being a reputable gold and jewelry buyer with a commitment to high levels of customer support and satisfaction. You can quickly verify this by calling us at 1 (323) 674-0202 and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff. You won’t get pushed into sending us your items and you won’t get misled with any industry jargon or false promises. What you will get is all your questions answered.

We have made it a simple, convenient and fast way for you to sell your gold and jewelry, and get your cash as quickly as possible. This is why we offer multiple ways of getting paid, including immediate payments through PayPal. We commit to valuing your items within 24 hours of receiving them and sending your payment the very same day. This dedication to our customers is just one of the many reasons why we are the premier gold buyer online.

So, when you are looking for a reliable gold buyer offering cash for gold who will provide the highest levels of customer service, and guarantees high payouts, Cash Gold Exchange is the simple choice to make. We would very much like to speak to you, but if you are ready put your trust in us, simply request your free gold pack now, and we will get one out to you immediately. Oh yes, unlike other companies you will not be getting annoying calls from us asking what  you will be selling and when you will be sending it.

Examples Of Customer Payouts