As the recession is still a reality for many, people from all walks of life are finding ways to make a little extra money.  What they do not always realize is that they have the power to negotiate or research the options when it comes to getting cash for gold by selling valuable items such as gold, jewelry and other precious metals.

Some people tend to search for the nearest place to sell their gold for cash. This can be a local pawn shop, check cashing store or a jewelry store that gives cash for gold and may sell jewelry items.  Also, in recent years, mobile services have started operating. These come to private residences, or to certain companies, in search of buying large amounts of gold or other precious metals.

While these places are convenient for many people, they are not always practical nor do they always give fair prices.

In some of these instances, chances are strong that the person buying is not a certified jeweler nor do they have precious metal, expertise.  When dealing with someone that actually knows the real worth of the gold, jewelry, coins and precious metals, this can make a big difference in the price being offered.

Additionally, some may use a kit that is found in hobby shops to measure the worth of the gold.  These are oftentimes not very accurate and, even if a person can ask for a little more money before closing the sale, chances are that they still may be short-changing themselves.

By going online, anyone can perform unbiased research and find a number of dealers.  This may take a little longer than going to the neighborhood pawn shop but the time spent will definitely pay off.

Experienced Buyer – Certified Jewelers?

When seeking a company to sell you items to, it does not hurt to ask whether the appraiser is a certified jeweler with a long history of appraising and valuating gold and jewels.  Any company that does not is a service you probably want to pass on.  Information about the company and its staff may usually be found in the About Us page on their website.

Experienced companies, that have ethical working practices and qualified staff who will offer fair prices, are not the norm in the cash for gold industry and there are many predators out there just waiting to exploit the uninformed or desperate seller. One way to counteract this is to look at the reputation of the buyer. You are going to be selling expensive items such as gold or rare coins, it will not hurt to perform research online such as finding user feedback or testimonials posted on social and review websites.

Also, using the Better Business Bureau website in that company’s location may be a wise investment of time for the person with a lot of valuables to sell.

Another thing that a seller should look for when choosing to do business with a buyer is communication.  Things like questions being answered in a coherent and timely fashion, overall courtesy and no pressure tactics.

Is There A Guarantee?

Finally, many legitimate operations that buy gold for cash will do a free appraisal and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Those who charge for their time tend to not have much business so they may feel the need to pump the customer for money at first contact.  These types of places should also be avoided if a person is looking to get the most money possible.

Here are the six reasons that a person should sell their gold for cash online:-

  1. Convenience – There are many legitimate online operations that are very user-friendly.  In other words, they realize that it is not possible for all of their customers to drive to a physical location.  As a courtesy, they will offer to send out a prepaid mailing label to the customer (usually called a “Gold Pack”).  It has a tracking number with the postal service or courier agency and is insured while en route to the buyer.  There is no upfront cost to the customer for the secure service.  Once the items are received, they are appraised immediately and payment is made within 24 hours.
  2. No Travel – Gas is expensive and some people who have money woes may not even have a car to get around in.  This can be quite a hassle when trying to find a legitimate operation as no one on foot wants to walk around town with a bag full of valuable jewelry.
  3. Take Time to Research – The great thing about the internet is that a person can view as many companies as they wish without pressure.  A good buyer will have a website that gives a lot of information as well as links to resources and other data where a seller can be informed about the process itself.  While this is not mandatory for a company to be legitimate, it does give the customer a sense of relief knowing that they can get valuable information at no cost. The very best online services will also show their contact information and actually respond to your calls or emails.
  4. Security – Reputable gold buyers will send you a professional “gold pack” with simple instructions to send in your gold and jewelry. They will provide free shipping that is insured – free of charge – and have a secure facility where your items are appraised on camera by certified jewelers.
  5. Best Prices – the top online buyers will always give much better prices than physical location such as pawn shops. Unfortunately some online buyers try to disguise the prices they pay by showing complicated weights and prices on their websites based on the daily gold price. These prices are never what the customer gets. You should look for a company that shows real examples of payout given to actual customers,
  6. Guarantees – If you sell your items in a pawn shop and, afterwards, realize you have been ripped-off, it is just tough luck. Reputable online buyers will offer a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the cash you received, you can simply rip-up the check and you will get your items shipped back to you free of charge. No risk involved what-so-ever.


To anyone that is wondering how to sell gold jewelry for cash, they should realize that they have control of the situation as well as the money they are paid.  By taking a little time to research online buyers, they can ensure they do not fall prey to the predatory practices of places such as pawn shops. Doing this, selling gold is actually a convenient process and they will actually get high prices for their valuable items.