If you have been wondering how to sell gold jewelry for cash, you have come to the right place. Getting rid of unwanted jewelry and earning some cash has never been easier. Selling gold is a great way to get money, especially if finances are tight. No matter what the circumstances, everyone can use a little extra in their wallet every now and then. By selling off unwanted pieces of gold jewelry, you can really cash in on what would otherwise be useless pieces taking up space in your home.

Clear Out Drawers and Boxes

Styles and fashion trends come and go, which means that all of that old jewelry sitting in a jewelry box or random junk drawer is just money waiting to be made. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there today seeking to take advantage of people just trying to clean out valuable, but unwanted, pieces of jewelry. A reputable service will always give you a fair price for these. The value of gold has gone up in recent years, so all of those old items that were purchased or acquired years ago are now more valuable than they were brand new.

Start by going through dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, and storage boxes in closets to see what items you may have to sell off for cash. You just may be surprised with how many items you have forgotten about over the years. Holding on to old, outdated styles is not doing you any favors. You can turn all of those outdated styles into cash. They may be more valuable than you think.

Get Money for Unwanted Jewelry

The first thing for anyone to do when looking to sell old jewelry pieces is to go through boxes, drawers, and closets. Find pieces that are made of gold, or may contain gold. There are certain markings that you can look for on each piece that will indicate the karat (quality) amount. The higher the amount, the more valuable a piece may be, depending on the size and weight. Many times, the marking will be found on the inside of a bracelet, band, or necklace chain. They also may be attached by a tiny piece near the clasp.

Check for Distinctive Markings and Karat Indications

Pieces that have no markings on them are likely to simply be gold plated, and not particularly valuable. Those items can simply be set aside, as it will not be worthwhile to send them in for an evaluation. If pieces include gemstones, you may choose to remove the stones from their settings and keep them. Alternatively you can sell them for cash, so leaving them attached can bring you some more money, if you choose.  We will appraise and evaluate any gemstones you send us and let you know their worth.

Take an Inventory of All the Jewelry

Once you have found all of the gold items that you would like to sell and checked for the markings, you can take an inventory of the items. Be sure to jot down a description of the items that you will be sending in, and include the karat amount if it is marked on the piece. Keep this information for your personal records, if desired. You may want to know for future reference which items you have sent in for an evaluation.

Request a Free Gold Pack

Simply fill in the easy online form to request the free gold pack here. The gold pack consists of a prepaid FedEx envelope which you will use to ship your unwanted valuables for an evaluation. Simple step by step instructions will be included with the envelope. You can be sure that the process is completely secure and safe at each step.

Package the Items and Drop Off

Gather the unwanted gold, silver, platinum, gemstones and jewelry and place them into the prepaid FedEx envelope. Find your local FedEx drop off location and give your envelope for overnight shipping. It should arrive at the evaluation facility the next day. Appraisal will be done right away by certified jewelers, ensuring that you get the true and fair value for each piece of gold and jewelry based on the highest price of the day.

Get Your Cash

Payments are made through one of three simple methods. You can choose to have the money transferred right into your PayPal account, sent within 2-5 business days in regular mail, or by FedEx overnight. You have 14 days to get your items back by returning the payment if you are not fully satisfied.

Selling unwanted gold items for cash is a great way to get money fast. If you are ready to sell off your unwanted jewelry items and get cash in hand, simply stop by our Los Angeles location, or request your free gold pack online. The entire process is quick, easy, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact us today on (877) 747-0202 and we will answer any questions you have.