With Gold prices at an all-time high and the current economy, which has been tough on many people, selling gold and jewelry can bring in some much needed cash. Add to that the numerous people looking to invest in gold, now is the right time to get high prices for scrap gold and unwanted jewelry.

Choosing from one of the many online gold buyers is not something that you can just jump into. It is something that has to be carefully researched and analyzed so you get the best service and highest prices. The following tips will offer you insight into the process that you must follow in order to make sure you are dealing with reputable gold buyers.

Carefully Analyze Their Website

Before you select a gold buyer, it is important to make sure that you analyze their business website. Firstly make sure they offer a free gold pack as you definitely should not be paying to have your gold, jewelry or precious metals appraised. Make sure the website lists real examples of payouts they have recently made and they offer customer support line where you can get assistance from a real person.

Their website should offer you information on how shipments of gold items are insured and how packages are tracked while in transit.   It should also clearly show the kind of jewelry and items that are accepted and the step by step process you need to follow to get your items appraised.

Next, make sure the site shows the methods used to pay you and how long it will take for you to receive payment.  All payments must also come with a full and complete satisfaction guarantee so that if, for any reason, you are not happy with the payment amount, you can get your items back. Obviously, this must all be at no cost to you.

Basically, if the gold buyer’s website does not let you quickly and easily see how so send in your items, how you get paid, offer phone support and a full guarantee, you should move on and continue with your search for the other gold buyers.

Do They Have Reviews From Trusted Sources?

If the gold buyer has been in business for some time they are bound to have reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google.  Find and read these reviews.  If they are mostly positive then this will probably show they are an honest company that deals fairly with their customers.

Some companies do try to get fake reviews but just a couple of minutes reading them should tell you if they are real or not.

Use The Power Of Online Search Engines

The internet contains a wealth of information that you can easily find by using one of the major search engines, such as Google. Use assorted search terms such as “cash for gold” and include words such as “review” or “scam” to find buyer websites and other sites that discuss the cash for gold online industry.

One thing you should take note of when looking at these review sites, is that many of them are actually affiliated with the gold buyers they review and actually get up to 20% commission on all the transactions that originate from their website. This, unfortunately, means that not all review and so called “scam” sites can be trusted as some of them build these sites for financial gain, recommending the buyer that pays them the most.

Recommendations From Someone You Know

If you know of a family member or friend who has tried to sell gold on the internet, they might just offer you the kind of information you need.  These people will recommend good gold buyers and would also offer you insights on where you can get the best deals.  If you need to sell your gold for the highest prices, getting a recommendation for someone you know is one way you can ensure you find a great buyer as you do not want to fall for one of the many cash for gold scams perpetrated by unethical buyers.

Complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Another element that will help you to know whether you are dealing with reputable gold buyers or just some fraudulent companies is that of satisfaction guarantee.  The buyer not only needs to give you proper avenues to use in selling gold and the payments methods they use, they also need to provide a complete guarantee. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the payment they give, you should completely sure you can get your gold and Jewelry back.  Selling your gold should be as hassle-free as possible and having a guarantee is one of the services that should be provided.

Instant Availability of Expert Support

Another important aspect is that of support. This again should be on the buyer’s website. Basically, when you are searching for reputable gold buyers online, you should ensure it is easy for you to reach out to them if you need help.  If you visit a buyer’s website and you find out that they have not posted a phone number so you can talk to a real person, you should move on to the next service. If their phone number is on the website, call it and make sure you can speak to a real person.