We guarantee that the payouts you get for your gold, jewelry and other precious metals are the industry’s highest. Take a look at some of the gold and jewelry we have received from customers and the amounts they have been paid.

Appraising you gold and jewelry depends on several factors and these factors are used to determine the final price we pay.

The Spot Price

Before selling jewelry, you can check today’s gold price by calling us at (323) 674-0202 or online at http://www.kitco.com/market/. This is the price pure gold is trading at per ounce on the open market and what we use to calculate the price we pay you.

The Karat (K)

This is the purity of your gold jewelry. 24 Karat (k) is considered pure or 100% gold. In America, most jewelry is 14k which means 58.50% gold.

The Weight

Pennyweight (dwt), grams (g), and troy ounce (ozt) are all used to calculate the weight of your gold and jewelry. For example: 1 gram equals to 1.555 pennyweight and 1 troy ounce is equal to 20 pennyweight or 31.1 grams.

Item: 14K Gold Bracelet

Payout: $2830.00

White Gold Rings

Item: 14K White Gold Diamond Rings

Payout: $994.11

Silver chain only

Item: 18K White Gold Rope Chain

Payout: $952.07